Welcome to Red Derriere Toy Company!

Welcome to Red Derriere Toy Company! Please come in and make yourself at home. Red Derriere offers some of the most unique toys that you’ve ever seen – toys designed with creative flair, ingenuity and downright irreverence. Whether you’re a sadist or a softy, or something in-between, we have something for you!

Be assured: this isn’t our first rodeo. Our CEO is a former owner of Dungeon Outfitters, the Chicago company that previously offered quality-crafted dungeon furniture. Every Red Derriere Toy partner is active in the alternative lifestyle, and several of us have been deeply involved for more than 25 years. We have seen a lot and we have done a lot, and we know what works. We believe that lifestyle toys should provide tremendous value to the user and his or her victim – er, play partner.

Every one of our toys is hand-crafted here, in the USA, with a consistent attention to detail and a commitment to quality. Your upmost satisfaction is our priority. We take tremendous pride in the ability to provide others in the lifestyle with toys that they can count on for value and years of enjoyment. No matter what your desires are, we have what you need. Don’t see exactly what you want? We welcome custom orders. Let Red Derriere Toy Company help you color your playtime happy!


~ The Toy-making Evil Elves

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