Flogging is a common term used to describe beating someone with an implement such as a whip, stick, cane, switch, lash, rod or similar object. This is referred to as impact play. Impact play is one of the most widely-enjoyed activities in the modern BDSM community.


Often called flagellation, flogging’s been a method of corporal punishment for centuries, in all sectors of society, both public and private. Flogging’s also employed in some cultures (past and present) as a test of strength and endurance for young men and as an act of religious zeal (called self-flagellation). But the best reason of all? Kinky fun! Traditionally, the act of flogging involves the victim being stripped, tied to a post and then whipped anywhere from the shoulders down to the feet.


A flogger’s design and material can vary, but the most common type is crafted from leather strips or braids, which are attached to a handle for easy gripping and swinging. The most brutal of floggers is the knout. This implement of torture has metal, shell, stone or bone pieces at the ends, in order to tear into the victim’s flesh upon striking.


One thing is for certain: flogging is quite an experience for both parties. Whether you’re new to BDSM and impact play, or you’ve had some experience as either giver or receiver, you know that you need a quality implement. A well-crafted impact play implement that can serve you well for many years of both safety and pleasure. An impact play tool that you can count on. Always. You need a BDSM toy company that will be there with its expertise and its commitment to value. Because as the experienced owners who live the lifestyle, we use our own products.


BTW: did you know that the term for someone who flogs is flagellator? Now you do!